The Grey Matter and the Golf Swing Part II

In article on Tuesday we discussed the difference between playing golf and some of the other sports.  And how most games are reactionary, and don’t let your brain get in the way of your play.  One other sport that is closer to golf is bowling.  You have your setup, swing, release, and don’t react to any other players. (But with the amount of beer involved with this activity the brain rarely is the problem…)

Many sports physiologists recommend clearing the brain.  Great advice, but how do you do that?  When you have water on the right, out of bounds on the left, you need to clear 100 yards of waste land just to get to the fairway…many negative thoughts can creep in.  And concentrating (worrying?) on all the mechanical ideas of keeping arms strait, head down, full turn, etc. just makes it worse.

No, if you think:

“Don’t slice”

“Don’t Slice”


Where do you think that ball is going?  (Slice-A-Rooni!)

A way around this is so simple.  We just need to replace these thoughts with a good one.  Mine is this.  I simply say (and speak this out load in the beginning) the word BACK when I first start the swing.  Say the word AND at the top of the swing.  And say the word FORTH at impact.  It really is that simple with a little practice.

After working this drill for a while you can use this as your go-to swing thought.  Just thinking the words Back-And-Forth now replace those negative thoughts.  It is simple and effective…but again, you must practice it!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  And if you still have troubles with the old noggin, pretend you are bowling and have a beer.

Disclaimer:  Beer may not help; but you  won’t care as much…

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