Description of a Typical Video Golf Lesson

Video golf lessons at Ramona Golf Lessons are highly personalized so that each student gets just the right amount of challenge and progress with each step.


A typical video golf lesson at Ramona Golf Lessons includes a little bit of looking back, some new work, and then some next steps. We start each lesson reviewing previous teachings then build on them. We definitely take a stepladder type of teaching rather than a large jump.  What we offer is certainly not a cookie cutter approach but rather an individual plan for each student. This is important in order to accommodate differences in abilities and learning styles, ensuring each student gets what they need when they need it.


Typical Lesson Procedure

  1. Review previous lesson
  2. Introduce new skill
  3. Use video to demonstrate a professional executing new skill
  4. Student practices new skill with drills, tools, other supports
  5. Reinforce and refine new skill
  6. Provide goals for practice before next lesson and video for review
  7. Preview skills for lesson