Student Testimonials:

I’ve been taking lessons from Craig for the last year and am really seeing improvement in my game. I’m hitting the ball further and straighter as I work on turning my hips and improve my swing. Frank has zeroed in on my problem areas and hasn’t tried to go back to basics when it isn’t necessary. Being able to see my swing on the video is great for reinforcing the lessons. I would recommend Craig to others trying to improve their game.
-Kim Davis

If you are a novice golfer (like me), Craig’s patience and creativity in helping you build skills is essential to your progress. The ‘one-size fits all’ 6 pack lessons don’t even begin to provide you with what you need to learn (I know, I tried LOTS of them!). The visual aspect of the video (you can watch it as many times as you need) paired with Craig’s patient lessons aligned to your needs is the perfect recipe. Then, if you happen to be much more along as a golfer, think about how much better you will get in a shorter amount of time. It works!
-Dr. Dee Fabry


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Living Social Reviews:

Just what I was hoped it would be!
-Michael Cornell

Craig, my instructor, is a really good guy with lots of knowledge. He is an easy person to learn from with many years in this industry. This was a really good experience.
-Matthew Erbstoesser

Craig was the best golf instructor I’ve ever had and takes care of his customers.
-Joel Fragale

I enjoyed my lesson with Craig very much. Played this afternoon and the work we did this morning was very helpful in my round!
-Leslie Heavener

Good value.
-Rick Parker